Map of Coin Lockers / Baggage Storage

Example (Size and price)

*Size : mm   *Usage time : First train to last train

  • ・Information contained here is current as of January 2020.
  • ・Coin locker dimensions differ by manufacturer. Please make sure that your luggage will fit in a chosen locker.
  • ・Please note that coin lockers may be relocated or removed due to construction work in the station.
  • ・In addition to coin lockers, feel free to use the available baggage storage area and ecbo cloak service.

Coin Lockers/Baggage Storage at Tokyo Station

Map of Coin Lockers/Baggage Storage

Rail-Go Service

Outside ticket gates

1F Exit the 1F Yaesu South Gate and turn right.
Take the elevator in front of the South Tower to B1.
Opening hours
8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Temporary Baggage Storage

420 yen/piece per day
  • The fee increases to 840 yen/piece per day from the 6th day and beyond.
  • Baggage can be held for a maximum of 15 days.
  • Storage space is not cooled.
  • We reserve the right to refuse storage of any items deemed not suitable by staff.

Baggage Storage

Outside ticket gates

JR EAST Travel Service Center Baggage Storage

1F Marunouchi North Gate

Inside ticket gates

Cloak Service


Opening hours and service details. Go to details

Reserve with your smartphone LUGGAGE STORAGE IN STATION
Reserve with your smartphone LUGGAGE STORAGE IN STATION

How to use the lockers -Movie-

Same-day baggage hotel delivery service

Marunouchi South Gate Gate Temporary Storage
Reception hours
8:00 to 16:30
1,800 yen / unit ~ (tax included)
  • Limited to hotels near Maihama Station along the Yamanote Line.
  • Other items determined to be unsuitable for storage will not be accepted.