Tokyo Station Highlights

  • Statue of Masaru Inoue

    1Statue of Masaru Inoue

    Inoue is known as "the father of the Japanese Railway". He is the first head of the modern of Japan railway and the person responsible for laying its foundation. Location: Marunouchi Station Square (north side)

  • Zero (0) Kilometer Sign(Zero milestone)

    2Zero (0) Kilometer Sign(Zero milestone)

    Tokyo Station is the starting point for Japan's Shinkansen lines, as well as the Tokaido, Chuo, and Tohoku lines.

  • Tokyo Station Stone Monument

    3Tokyo Station Stone Monument

    This is a stone monument engraved with the words "Tokyo Station." A "covered porch" (carriage porch) has been built at the central entrance of Tokyo Station, as if to encircle this monument.

  • Station Building Post Box

    4Station Building Post Box

    This post box featuring a miniature replica of the station building domes on top was placed here in 2012 upon completion of the restoration of the Marunouchi Station Building.

  • Site of the Assassination of Prime Minister Takashi Hara

    5Site of the Assassination of Prime Minister Takashi Hara

    This marks the site where Prime Minister Hara, famous as the "Commoner Prime Minister," was assassinated by a knife-wielding thug on a train journey to Kyoto on November 4, 1921.

  • Site of the Attempted Assassination of Prime Minister Osachi Hamaguchi

    6Site of the Attempted Assassination of Prime Minister Osachi Hamaguchi

    Prime Minister Hamaguchi fell victim to an assassination attempt on 14 November, 1930 when he was shot inside Tokyo Station as he was walking towards the express train "Tsubame." He was on his way to Okayama to observe special large-scale military maneuvers.

  • Nakama-no-Zo (Statue of Friends)

    7Nakama-no-Zo (Statue of Friends)

    The "Nakama-no-Zo", a sculpture of three friends, is a wooden sculpture by the Hiroshima-born sculptor, Katsuzo Entsuba, and is located in the central passage.



    "Sail of Light" is the concept behind the design of this massive, approximately 230m long roof. The Yaesu Gate landmark represents "innovation" and the "advancement".

  • Gin-no-Suzu Square (Silver Bell Square)

    9Gin-no-Suzu Square (Silver Bell Square)

    Gin-no Suzu Square located on Central Underground Passage (inside of the station gates) is a well know meeting spot of Tokyo Station.
    The current “Gin-no Suzu”, the 4th objet, is beautifully curved in intaglio of dolphins on the string (the central part) of the bell.

  • Dōrin Square

    10Dōrin Square

    In the Marunouchi Underground South Gate Plaza, one can find these huge driving wheels that measure 1.75m in diameter. The driving wheels once belonged to a C62-15 steam locomotive that ran on the Tokaido Line.

  • Keiyo Line Concourse Stained Glass

    11Keiyo Line Concourse Stained Glass

    Located on the concourse that leads to the Keiyo Line platform, this massive stained glass decoration measures 9 meters across and 5 meters tall. The piece is titled "The Creation".

  • RTO Relief(Railway Transportation Office)

    12RTO Relief(Railway Transportation Office)

    This gypsum relief is exhibited on the Keiyo line concourse, and originally adorned a wall in the waiting area of the GHQ (General Head Quarters') Railway Transportation Office.

Map of Tokyo Station[1F]

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