Privacy Policy

1. Basic policy

Tokyo Station City Management Council Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “the Company”) complies with laws, regulations and internal policy regarding the protection of personal information (information about a living individual who can be identified by a specific name, date of birth, or other information contained within this data). All personal information handled by the Company is protected by proper acquisition and utilization, safe and up-to-date management, and proper disposal.

2. Collection of personal information

When personal information is collected, the Company will inform the individual of the purpose for which it is to be used, and only use it as is appropriate within the scope required to achieve that stated purpose. The personal information acquired by the Company is never shared with third parties without the express consent of the individual unless required by law.

3. Scope of use for personal information collected on this website
  • ・Application to participate in seminars and lectures hosted by the Company.
  • ・Maintenance and management of facilities and equipment, as well as management of their usage.
  • ・Analysis of website usage.
4. Automatic collection of personal information when using this website

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