Commercial Facilities (Inside ticket gates)

    The largest in-station (ekinaka) shopping area in the B1 area beneath the Central Passage of Tokyo Station. You can find more than 60 stores offering fresh boxed lunches and delicatessen prepared by in-store kitchens and the specialty sweets of selected stores.
  • ecute Tokyo
    ecute Tokyo is located inside the station as you enter from the Marunouchi South Ticket Gate. With "Japan Re-STANDARD" as the concept, we present the world-class, good products of Japan to suit contemporary lifestyles.
  • ecute KeiyoStreet
    ecute KeiyoStreet is located inside the station as you enter from the Yaesu South Ticket Gate. From much talked-about sweets, to lunchboxes, fine accessories and sundry items, we have the choicest items to suit the various scenarios of our customers.

Commercial Facilities (Outside ticket gates)

    GRANSTA MARUNOUCHI is located outside the Marunouchi underground ticket gates and offers a variety of cosmetics and general merchandise to give some accents to your daily life. It's an easily accessible area to stop by to pick up a small gift for your friends or family or cosmetics for yourself as a treat for all your hard work.
    GRANROOF is a landmark of Yaesu. Under the grand roof designed with a sail of light as its motif, on floors B1 to 3F you can find attractive stores and many restaurants and cafés.
    GRANROOF FRONT is located next to the Yaesu Underground Shopping Mall. Here you can find a restaurant where you can enjoy alone. The area also has various stores that offer convenient services and stylish goods for your daily life.
  • GranAge
    GranAge is directly connected to Tokyo Station from both the Yaesu Underground Central Gate and the Keiyo Underground Yaesu Gate. It's a restaurant zone that offers a place where you can relax and take your time in this busy station. Some restaurants provide private dining rooms.
  • Kitchen Street
    Kitchen Street is located near the Yaesu North Exit. It's a popular area where you can casually enjoy the cuisines of famous restaurants. Here you can find a variety of specialty restaurants where you can try authentic foods.
  • Kitamachi Dining
    Just outside of the Yaesu North Exit, on the 2nd floor, you can find Kitamachi Dining. It's an izakaya (Japanese-style pub) zone and it's the closest one to Tokyo Station. You can enjoy a selection of Japanese, Western and Chinese food in restaurants both during the daytime and at nighttime.
    On B1 outside the Yaesu North Exit, this restaurant zone reproduces a traditional Japanese streetscape. You can find restaurants where a large group of people can relax and enjoy their dining experience away from the bustle of daily life.
    It is a shop zone beneath the Chuo Line track, on the North side of the Tokyo Station Marunouchi North ticket gates. There is a range of restaurants which you can drop by in the morning for something quick when you are in a hurry or at night for a casual drink.


  • The Tokyo Station Hotel
    The Tokyo Station Hotel is located inside the Tokyo Station Marunouchi Station building, and it inherits around 100 years of history. Please enjoy an elegant time in the guest rooms, which are decorated in European classic style, and the ten restaurants, bars and cafés.
  • Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Marunouchi
    Directly connected to JR Tokyo Station Nihonbashi Exit. With an interior which promises comfortable serenity and functional facilities, we deliver comfort of a higher quality.

Art Museum

  • Tokyo Station Gallery
    Born in 1988 with the desire to "provide people with not just a transit point, but a place of fragrant culture". Inside the Marunouchi North Dome, in the red-bricked Exhibition Spaces that convey a sense of history, you can enjoy various exhibitions on a wide range of genre.